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It is through generous givers like you that we are able to continue our ministry.

JFA Board Members

Justice for All is blessed by the following Board Members. Board members serve a three year term. The board contributes to the development of JFA’s mission and participates in governing the implementation of that mission. Board members have executive staff, buildings, assets, and financial responsibility to the organization. Board members also establish policy and observe, interpret and evaluate these policies.

Dennis De Jong - VP (22*)

Carmel, IA

Myron Klarenbeek - Pres. (21*)

Rock Valley, IA

Dave Smit (23)

Siouix Center, IA

Dale Bosch (23)

Hills, MN

Todd Van Tol (22*)

Rock Valley, IA

Gerald Zwart (23)

Inwood, IA

Ivan Schelhaas (21*)

Leota, MN


* designates 2nd 3-year term