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April 8-15, 2014
COST: Price includes bus fare, motels, some meals, museums, shows

JFA is planning another bus tour! This spring we are planning a trip to Mississippi. You will have the opportunity to see firsthand and meet those who are on the front lines of Christian community development ministry at our partner ministries in Mississippi! The April weather in Mississippi is perfect and the magnolias in bloom will be beautiful!

But we wish to take this tour one step further; we will look carefully at the history of a state whose racial divide rivaled none in the country. From Native American history, slavery, Civil Rights, to present day, the story has not been easy. Many of our partner ministries are serving in communities and neighborhoods which still suffer the effects of this history.

But there is hope! Because of the passion and commitment of many who were committed to destroying the racial divide and injustice, the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi brought about the beginnings of change. Despite its many accomplishments, however, the civil rights movement had its shortcomings. Some call it a time of ‘Triumph and Tragedy’.

You are invited to join us as we visit our partner ministries in Mississippi, as well as visiting places/landmarks which contributed to Mississippi’s story. We will have the privilege of hearing firsthand accounts from our friends who were involved and continue to be involved in the fight for justice and reconciliation in Mississippi! Rev John Perkins was one of those people and he continues to crusade for biblical principles of justice and reconciliation. We will visit incredible museums, an old plantation, national parks, and other places that will help us understand the ‘story’.

JFA’s tagline is ‘caring and sharing in Christ’s name’. We believe that the ‘caring’ includes the desire to learn about a culture and life story that is different than our own, which in turn brings about understanding and the genuine ability to establish relationships. We hope you will join us on this journey!

Please call Vern or Pat at JFA for more information or to sign up for the tour. We will need commitments by the end of February.

p.s. On the way home, we will be making a stop in Branson MO and attend ‘Jonah’ at the Sight and Sound Theatre!

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