Moving to a smaller place?

After years of hearing from families and witnessing their transitions firsthand, JFA’s assistance benefits not only the ministries that JFA is connected to, but also the families that are making donations. Our help can give your family peace of mind about where their things are going and who those things are helping. This allows you to focus on your family during the time of transitions and not on the headache of clearing out a house.

JFA has the resources to come to the house, load up all useful items, and throw away everything else. Families can be sure that all items they donate will be put to good use! Whether that is being shipped to one of our partner ministries like Grace Reigns in Colorado City, AZ, Appalachia Reach Out in Inez, KY, or Jonah’s Closet in Greenville, MO, or through a referral with one of our local partners like Love INC, ATLAS, Center of Hope or Kingdom Boundaries.

There is a fee associated with our downsizing assistance. Each family and story is different, so JFA will do a walk through the house to get an idea of what the family is thinking, see the size of the house, and estimate how many items will be donated.
The fee will vary based on this information.

How can you help?